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The Pearler's Salty G&T


Dive into the salty depths of this levelled-up G&T, full of savoury and citrus flavours that will leave you wanting more.

We searched high and low for a low-bitterness tonic that really amped up the flavours of our new gin - and we found it in StrangeLove’s Coastal Tonic Water. This delicious tonic water has a lively citrus backbone of Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot - emboldened by herbaceous, green undertones of old man saltbush, coastal thyme and sea parsley - with just a hint of Murray River Pink Salt.


60ml The Pearler's Gin
180ml Strangelove Coastal Tonic
Dried Lemon wheel
Rosemary or thyme


Pick your favourite G&T glass (we love Denver & Liely) and add ice.
Pour 60ml of The Pearler’s Gin into the glass.
Mix with StrangeLove Coastal Tonic Water.
Garnish with rosemary or thyme, and a dried lemon wheel