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Our Story

The Kimberley is still a wilderness and as such, has much to attract all sorts of people to come, to live or visit.  Europeans have tried to tame it but it is difficult to do and history suggests it will remain a beautiful wild land. My family tried to run a cattle station Oobagooma, in the Kimberley but the attempt failed and the land was acquired by the Commonwealth.  Oobagooma was renamed the Yampi Sound Military Training area, they too failed as the land proved to difficult to traverse.  Broome sits on the edge of this Kimberley Wilderness and is the southern gateway into this wild ancient land.  

Moontide Distillery acknowledges and appreciates the Indigenous people, who have lived here in harmony within the Kimberley and who remain custodians of the land.

A distillery in Broome evolved in response to the much asked question, ‘what’s next’, that assumed lying around doing nothing was not an option. Researching, experimenting and gin tasting followed.

And where else but Broome, an idyllic tropical paradise, perfect for drinking Gin!  The ubiquitous G&T was created to ward off the tropical malaise (aka malaria) and now adds so much pleasure to late afternoons or balmy tropical evenings.  My personal philosophy is akin to a certain bird, ‘Jonathon Livingston Seagull’. For me, distilling spirits would be a creative endeavour, a pursuit of learning and striving for perfection, ‘it always works when you know what you’re doing’ but until then you keep trying (Richard Bach). 

It started as a dream, however the idea took on a life of its own. So, we persist and work hard to produce and refine Good Spirits for all to enjoy.