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Our Community

We firmly believe that as a business, we owe it to the community around us to give back regularly and do what we can to improve the livelihood of the people who have so kindly supported us and let us flourish.

Moontide proudly supports our local Broome community through a number of local business, initiatives, and non-profits.

Mayi Harvest

Our relationship with Pat and Mayi Harvest began during Moontide Distillery’s product development phase in 2018.  Pat and her brother Wayne’s knowledge of Kimberley fruits and botanicals, allowed us to perfect distinctive flavours within our spirits.  

Their Story

Mayi Harvests Native Foods is an Indigenous Australian owned and operated business, established in 2006 that harvests Australian Native Foods, proudly led by local Djugun Elder Pat Mamanyjun Torres.

Mayi' is a word from the Djugun / Yawuru language group of the West Kimberley that means,

'plant foods derived from parts of plants, including seeds, fruits, nuts’ 

​They follow the traditional methods of wild harvesting throughout the six seasons found in the Kimberley of Western Australia. Their methods ensure a sustainable future for our community and our business.

Their family has followed these traditional methods of collecting plants, fruits and seeds off the land for food, health and medicine for generations.

Mayi Harvests Native Foods won the NAIDOC lifetime contribution to culture and heritage award. With over 40 years of hard work and dedication to community, language, culture and of course bush foods development over the years.

"Our knowledge on native foods and bush medicine has been a lifelong commitment".

Mayi Harvests Native foods has been involved in the community well over 40 years. This award was a wonderful acknowledgement towards small Indigenous business and the people that are educating the native foods industry as we move into 2021.

"Reflection and acknowledgement of our past to create a better understanding and an educated future."




Nirrumbuk have been aiding us with the recycling of old bottles from The Cellar Door. The service they provide to us is invaluable, and enables us to run operate in a way that isn't harmful to our beautiful local environment.

Their Story

Nirrumbuk is a Broome-based community driven and supported by Aboriginal membership. Their primary objectives are to build and empower local Aboriginal communities, with the hope of ending the hardships, suffering, and helplessness in indigenous people within the Kimberley region.

'Nirrumbuk' is the Nyul Nyul word for the largest permanent fresh water spring on the Dampier Peninsula.

They assist in cultural development, employment, training, sustainable environmental health, as well as social and economic opportunities for the people they proudly represent.

They help facilitate Containers for Change, a program that aims to reduce the waste and environmental destruction brought on by littered containers, and helps employ people in regional areas.

Nirrumbuk have a number of businesses that they proudly lead or are partnered with, including Broome Electrical Services, Kullarri Building, and Nudj Plumbing. The businesses aid in the empowerment of local indigenous communities by delivering training and employment opportunities.

They also host a youth counselling service, Pinakarra Youth Counselling Service, assisting youths with modern society struggles they may be facing by way of one-on-one support, mentoring, and coaching.

"At Pinakarra we believe small steps make big change. We work one on one with individuals from all backgrounds and develop a case management plan which works for them. We support and coach them through the steps needed to help them make positive changes for themselves and their families."


Broome Pride Inc.

We have been proud supporters of Broom Pride Inc. since our first year of operation. We provide fundraising with $5 from the sale of every bottle of Pride Tide Gin going directly to their organisation. We also run events and pop-up bars to help support the annual Broom Pride event.

Their Story

Broome Pride Inc. is an inclusive organisation with a vision of "one community".

The organisation was created to encourage and promote social inclusion for all LGBT+ people, their friends, and their families from the Kimberley and surrounding region.

By encouraging community building and social acceptance, they help facilitate a friendlier, more accepting, and more unified Broome.

They have numerous affiliations with local Broome organisations, bolstering the connections within their local community.



GANDO have helped us with keeping our environmental footprint low through the sourcing of renewable energy by the installation and maintenance of solar panels at the distillery.

Their Story

GANDO proudly employs local staff for the provisioning of energy solutions that are tailored to the hot and tough conditions which are quite unique to the northern end of Australia. They primarily service the Kimberley, Pilbara, and Northern Territory regions.

Working with Nirrumbuk, they aid in the training and employment of local indigenous communities.

They also have a commitment to a strong environmental policy, ensuring that their business always works for the betterment of their local environment.



Andy and Ian from Agunya have provided us with stunning hand-crafted tamarind bar tops, which are featured at The Cellar Door.

Their Story

Agunya is an organisation built around art, woodcrafting, peer mentoring, and cultural awareness. They focus on training and empowering the local indigenous people by providing a space to teach, learn from, and engage with their community.

They network with local communities, schools, football clubs, rangers, businesses, and government so they can maximise their outreach, their connection to at-risk individuals, and their potential to do good.

Their continued involvement with their local community has brought a wealth of positive change that continues to provide better livelihoods for the people that they represent.