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Vacations & Travel - New Spin On Gin

Six fresh Australian drops you have to try.

Nothing beats a fresh gin and tonic. Make any hour happy with these unique new spirits.

Looking for a new libation to add to your home bar? Whether it’s the world’s first pearl oyster gin, sustainable grape-based spirits or authentic non-alcoholic options, Australian producers are constantly changing the game. Feeling thirsty? These are the best new spirits to enjoy shaken or stirred.

The Pearler’s Gin

Moontide Distillery x Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

Save your most treasured tonic for this unique bottling born out of Broome, Australia’s capital of pearling. The Pearler’s Gin is a game-changing collaboration between Moontide Distillery and Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. It’s also the first gin in the world to use pearl oyster as a botanical. 

With a distinct coastal flavour, this spirit is infused with Burdekin plum, lemon myrtle, mint and oyster mantle (a by-product of the cultured pearling process). Expect a special minerality and umami flavour that’s as rare as the pearls it’s produced from. 

Serve: with Dr. Strangelove coastal tonic and fresh seafood.

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This article first appeared on Vacations & Travel on August 23, 2022

Words by Imogen Wilhelmi