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Gin Lane - How To Drink Moontide White Pearl Gin

Stepping into Moontide’s cellar door in Broome is a welcome reprieve from the sticky heat of a typical day in the Kimberley, because it’s here you’ll find one of the region’s treasures.

White Pearl Gin is Moontide’s first and only gin offering (with the exception of its recent limited release Pride Tide) and this month we’re delighted to be introducing you to a taste of the Kimberley.

Inspired by the area’s Indigenous beginnings and multicultural influence, Moontide’s London Dry style gin is flavourful and easy drinking. The taste of native botanicals such as Gubiny (Kakadu Plum), Guwarl (White Berry Bush), and lemon myrtle, shine through, while complexity is added with the infusion of introduced fruits and spices brought to Broome’s shores from seafaring traders, including juniper, coriander, mango, tamarind, and sandalwood.

The thing we love about this easy drinking gin with its 41% ABV is that the added tropical flavours are subtle on the nose, so that the juniper doesn’t get lost, while spicy notes add warmth to its finish.

Combined with the region’s monsoonal rains that owners, Andrew and Trish Davidson capture over the wet summer months, this gin will leave a fresh and crisp finish on the palate.

“We encourage those trying our White Pearl Gin to first drink it neat at room temperature as this will allow the drinker to experience the true taste of the botanicals,” says Trish.

Andrew and Trish then recommend White Pearl Gin to be paired with a good quality tonic or mixed into a tropical tasting cocktail, preferably on a balmy evening!

We’ve borrowed a few of their own recipes for you to try at home.

The Moontide


30ml While Pearl Gin

30ml Cointreau

half a lemon, squeezed

half a lime, squeezed


Mix together in a shaker, strain and serve over ice. Garnish with lemon. To sweeten, add a cube of sugar.

Moontide Cosmopolitan


30ml White Pearl Gin

60ml cranberry juice

15ml lemon juice

5ml sugar syrup


Mix together with ice in a shaker then strain twice into a martini glass. Garnish with a slice of lime.

This article first appeared on Gin Lane on June 1 2021.

Words by Gin Lane